Advertising online through adverts, banners and videos are excellent ways to promote your products or services! It is also a way to get traffic to your website and generate sales. Online digital advertising can bring immediate visitors and it is easy to measure the results.

Google Ads

Google is at the moment the world’s leading platform for marketing and search. This with  all their different platforms for advertising under one umbrella. The Google Ads umbrella covers: YouTube,, and the Display network. This gives You as an advertiser over 2 million platforms to show your advertisements on!


You do not have to be a big company to advertise with Google Ads. Both local and international companies use Google Ads as a way to get their message across. It is an excellent way to show your products or services to the world, connect with new customers and reconnect with past visitors. And your budget can be as small or big as you prefer. 


The opportunity is there, the challenge is to target the right audience. Creating ads that are appealing and making people want to know more about your product or service is key to getting more clicks and visits to your website. 

The good news is that you will only pay for the ad if the customer clicks on it.

So, unlike most other advertisements you are only paying if the customer is actually interested enough to click on it, and you do not pay for just posting the ad.  


Another good thing with Google Ads is that you can clearly measure and follow the results of the ads. How much each click costs, where the clicks come from and even what device the customer used when clicking on your ad. Using audience targeting and location also gives you control over who sees the ad.

Facebook is another advertising platform that gives excellent opportunities for marketing and advertising and very much in the same manner as Google Ads this platform also gives the opportunity to reach a wider audience as well as target a specific audience, age group or location. It also gives the opportunity to reach audiences with certain interests building so called lookalike audiences. 


This platform is now also open for B2B marketing and reach out to the businesses you want to get your information to. 

Twitter and Instagram are other platforms to advertise on, both to get new customers and to remind past visitors of your website about your products or services. All these platforms can be used separately or together with campaigns covering all or some of them depending on the industry and allocated budget.


 The principle for these platforms are though the same you can choose to pay per click, impressions or reaching a certain amount of people. All depending on the goal set. And you can choose whether you want to reach new customers or target past visitors on your website. 

Facebook & Other Social Media Platforms


Professionally created web content, which is highly informative, well structured, and optimized for search engines is crucial for any web page. These factors not only make the content look great, but are also important for a high ranking among the search results. You need to know your audience in order to capture it. Once you have their eyes on your content, they should easily find the information that they need and get the most value out of it. 

Organic Reach

The organic reach on social media platforms have plummeted the last years. This meanwhile the paid advertising have taken a stronger grip. The reason being Facebook and all other social media platforms want to show users only the most engaging content. 



Social media is adopting its own form of SEO in a way that promotes a positive user experience. The algorithm on Social Media works in this way; Your posts are put in a pool which is as small as one percent of your followers. 



For your posts to be introduced to a bigger pool, your followers have to show engagement. This way, slowly but surely, more and more people see it, but only if it’s engaging! What is needed to increase your presence via organic reach on social media? You need the time and interest to continuously write engaging content.



The effort that you put in has to be in the right places. It is not always necessary to be present on all the platforms but to know where your audience is.



Social Media profiles require the same optimization and SEO work that we do on paid advertising. Just remember that every aspect of your social media presence has to be optimized. And the content created for each post has to be original and engaging! Posting more is not the answer, it is posting quality content that goes a long way.



The rule here is to master the balance of 80/20.  80% of your content should be useful and helpful, while 20% can promote your brand or its products. The 80%  will bring new followers and build trust. They will then see the 20% percent and buy into the product or service that you sell.

Organic Reach


Digital Marketing is a fascinating world with infinite opportunities! 


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