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Setting up Google Ads Accounts and Campaigns 

Are you new to Google Ads but need to give your business a boost? We will set up your Google Ads account and the first Search Campaign. This campaign will consist of text ads that follows the latest Google best practices. The only thing we need you to do, is to tell us the landing page you want to drive traffic to. 

We create ad headlines and descriptions based on the landing page and an advanced keyword analysis. Our goal is to both capture the audience and get the lowest cost per click.

After campaign setup, you can choose to let us take care of the daily campaign maintenance, or maintain it yourself. Should you choose the latter, no problem: we are there to train you all the same.

Setting up Google Merchant Center and Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping ads are an excellent way to reach new customers and sell more. Why? People are increasingly preferring to shop from home, making online shopping a growing business opportunity to take advantage of.

We will set up a Google Merchant Center for you plus a fully optimized Google Ads shopping campaign. The campaign will be based on advanced keyword research and competitors analysis for the products and website.

All you need to provide us with is a list of products and then we will create optimized titles and descriptions based on the latest best practices and thorough keyword analysis. The success of a shopping campaign is solely based on the title and product description, making descriptions of utmost importance.

Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing is one of the most successful ways to convert leads. We will set up a Google Ads Remarketing campaign for you in order to target people who have previously visited your website. 

This will be an image or product ad that will follow the latest Google best practices.

To get started, the campaign will either need an active Google Analytics account or a Google Ads tag installed on your website.

Should you not have these, it’s no problem, we will do it for you!

Optimization of Google Ads Campaigns 

We will optimize your Google Ads campaigns in order to increase clicks and conversions. This is one of the smartest way to get a higher ROI.

We will do an advanced audit of keywords related to your business, as well as looking at your bidding strategy, improving the quality score of keywords and therefore enabling the ads to rank higher on Google Ads. This will make it easier for your ads to win the auction when somebody searches for a product or service like yours.

Optimization of Google Shopping Campaigns 

Not satisfied with the result of the active shopping campaigns? Our shopping campaign optimization strategy will come to your rescue.

Shopping campaigns work differently from other Google Ads campaigns,  meaning they require  specialized optimization to be successful, which we can provide. Optimizing the titles and the product descriptions will enhance your result and give you a better ROAS.

Setting up of Google Analytics Account 

Where are your customers coming from? How many visitors does your website have? How long are they staying on your site and what kinds of content do they prefer? Answers to all these questions and more is something you will get from having a Google Analytics account. We will set up a Google Analytics account for your business so you can closely follow your website traffic. Together with conversion tracking, this will greatly improve your marketing efforts.

Google Ads Account Audit

As a brief overview, our audits:

  1. Identify ad areas with spend waste.
  2. Find new ad opportunities.
  3. Gain audience insights that can be applied to the account as well as all other social media marketing channels.

Following the audit, we will provide you with an action plan. This plan concerns both one time change and suggestions of ongoing management adjustments to make your ad strategy more efficent.

Google Ads Marketing Maintenance

This solution is ideal for those who have already set up Google Ads account and campaigns, but the results have been weak so far. Or alternatively, for business owners looking to focus on their core business and seek the expertise of marketing professionals to take care of their existing campaigns. 

We will create customized campaigns to achieve your digital goals, with weekly maintenance and reports of all campaigns. 

Let us discuss your marketing strategy!

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