Why Invest In NFT Stocks

NFT stock is actually an analog of standard securities, stocks, bonds, etc. They give their owner the right of ownership, in some cases, the right to receive dividends, and can also bring investment income.

What is NFT stocks’ uniqueness?

Perhaps the main difference is that thanks to the blockchain, you can invest in stocks without a broker and with a minimum amount on the account. One of the disadvantages when investing in the long-term is that in most cases these assets must be stored on an exchange wallet, and also that you do not receive dividends.

In general, it is an interesting tool due to which you can buy stocks even in companies such as Facebook. Today, FTX, Bittrex, Currency, and others provide access to tokenized stocks.

Best NFT stocks to buy now

Almost any asset can be tokenized - usually large crypto exchanges that work with cryptocurrencies are engaged in this. For example, cryptocurrency exchange Binance recently added NFT stocks of Microsoft, Apple, Coinbase, and another crypto exchange to its platform, which recently went public.

Tokenization also allows you to buy fractional stocks of companies that have not yet had an IPO. For example, SpaceX stocks are currently owned only by private investors, but some funds can purchase traditional stocks and sell them with NFT.


In 2021, Intel decided to slightly change the vector of development: the company began to produce processors, chips, and microcircuits for 5G towers. At the same time, the production of components for computers did not stop. 5G technology is gradually being prepared for deployment in different parts of the world, and Intel's desire to become a supplier of components for towers may promise an increase in the company's share price.

Redirecting Intel's activities at this stage says only one thing: the company's shares will rise. According to analysts, the approximate growth by the end of the year is 19%.


The value of AT&T stocks dropped by 18%, which is quite serious even for risky assets, which are stocks. However, as with Intel, 5G technology could make a difference in the company's affairs. According to experts, as soon as the process is completed, the value of the company's stocks will return to its previous level. The minimum growth potential by the end of the year is 18%.


American Pharmaceutical Company. The pharma sector is now flourishing more than ever, the reason for this, of course, is COVID-19. Since May 2021, the value of Moderna stocks has risen by 37%. The situation with COVID-19 around the world suggests that the rise in stocks is not going to stop. Analysts predict a 19% rise in the value of Moderna NFT stocks by the end of the year.


An American company for the development of software for mobile devices. Also, Microstrategy provides business intelligence and cloud storage. The company is very popular in the crypto sector: Microstrategy directs all free funds to buy bitcoin.

So why is it profitable to invest in Microstrategy now? The crypto market has been consolidating for quite a long time in the range of $ 40,000 to $ 60,000. Analysts predict an early exit from this range and the resumption of the bullish trend. In this regard, the possible growth by the end of the year is 37%.