Top 7 Crypto Gaming Projects for March

What is Crypto Gaming?

Do you want to get paid to play video games?

Crypto gaming is a massive trend changing the future of technology. It combines decentralized finance with gaming to create an experience where players can earn cryptocurrency in various ways by playing games that are created on the blockchain.

Blockchain gaming is important for the overall crypto market, and the value of cryptocurrencies as a whole is on the rise due to gaming projects. With even GameStop entering the crypto gaming market based on a recent job listing for a Web 3 developer, and Steam banning Web 3 games, the whole gaming industry is quickly gearing up for a shift in how games are played.

Web 3.0, which is the foundation of the Metaverse is already in full swing, with the prices of multiple Metaverse coins going up 100x or more within the last few months. Facebook changed its name to Meta which made people realize the potential held by blockchain gaming, and with that announcement, many gaming coins went to the moon overnight.

WIth crypto gaming, you can take digital assets or rewards out of the game you're playing then sell them on marketplaces where other people can use them in their games. Gaming and NFTs are closely related, and many of the items that you use to play many crypto games are actually NFTs. A lot of blockchain-based gaming and play-to-earn infrastructure is made possible by NFTs.

Crypto gaming is a bridge into the Metaverse, and gaming is a subset of the Metaverse.

What is GameFI?

GameFi is another word for blockchain gaming. It's a mix of gaming and decentralized finance. Some gaming projects reward users based on holding the game token, and in some games, you sell NFTs that you collect as you play the game.

In many of the top GameFi, luck is a component, but gaming skill is a big factor in many instances.

Here we'll break down the top 7 crypto gaming projects you should look out for in February 2022.

Nobility Token

The Nobility Token {NBL) created by Kyle McDougal and Cory Carruth plans to revolutionize the Esports space. Popular gamers will compete in game tournaments with large prize pools to help the larger crypto and gaming communities learn more about the benefits of blockchain gaming. Nobility Token also provides a passive income to qualifying holders via the stable coin, BUSD. 

Created in partnership with the esports league with plans to become the largest esports brand in the world.

Nobility tokens can be purchased through SafeMoon Wallet, or on PancakeSwap by swapping for BNB. For this project, 7% of the available tokens are distributed to holders in BUSD. BUSD is an FDIC insured crypto made by Binance that can be swapped 1:1 USD, so if you hodl your nobility you get BUSD rewards.

2% is for the liquidity pool, and 2% is for the use wallet for use in esports events, charity, and the prize pool. There is an 11% tokenomics tax when you buy Nobility to pay for the utility of the coin.It started with a 100 billion starting supply with a 1-year liquidity lock so the developers can't touch it for at least 1 year from the beginning of the project.

It's looking to be an amazing potential for professional gamers, influencers, and content creators to make money in the esports world.In 2022 Nobility plans to host both a Call of Duty Warzone tournament for $50,000, as well as a Valorant tournament for $25,000.

In the future, the Nobility token plans to be a payment method for purchases on Twitch, Steam, Blizzard, and more as well as striving to become a large-scale esports brand in the gaming community.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds (TLM) is a play-to-earn game built on the Binance Smart Chain. Players can earn in-game currency called Trillium that can be converted to WAX in order to go on missions throughout space. You need a WAX cloud wallet to play this game.

All your weapons, minions, and tools that you gain through gameplay are NFTs that you can sell to other players. You can also buy and sell virtual land which enhances the resources available to you in the game. When you start you get a free shovel and a human character to start your adventure. There are 6 different planets that simulate different environments, and those environments will have different types of land that will affect gameplay.

You can mine NFTs on these planets that you can then go on to sell to other players.


Voodoo SAS is a French video game developer created in 2013 by Laurent Ritter and Alexandre Yazdi that helps indie gaming companies get their games out to the mainstream marketplace. They have released over 100 extremely successful mobile games such as, Rollersplat, Helix Jump, and Snake vs Blocks.

With the current state of the crypto gaming marketplace, they are now helping developers create mobile-friendly blockchain games that people will actually want to play. Voodoo has plans to help crypto game studios get their game compatible for mobile and out to the public.

For mobile game developers, Voodoo strives to help them integrate play-to-earn NFT elements and mobile wallets into their games as well as help with their marketing and advertising to make GameFi more attractive to the mainstream gaming market.


Splinterlands (SPS) is a crypto trading card game built using blockchain technology that is similar to YuGiOh or Hearthstone where players build card decks to battle with other players.

Splinterlands combined with blockchain technology will revolutionize the digital trading card scene, as well as the crypto gaming market by making each card an NFT with a set amount that will ever exist that players can sell.

This makes it like a physical card game where a set amount of any card is ever printed. This has a positive countereffect where the card’s rarity increases. There are over 280 types of cards making an endless possibility to create unique decks that you can battle with to earn real money.


Illuvium (ILV) is a play-to-earn game built on the Ethereum blockchain created in 2020 by Kieran Warwick. Everything you collect, find, buy, or sell in the game is worth Ethereum. It's the first blockchain game that is going to be polished with actual graphics, storyline, and gameplay that is on par with console games.

Buying an Illuvium token (ILV) is like investing in the company making you a part-owner of it. A separate token, SILV is the in-game currency that you use while you play the game.

Each item in the game that you find, create, or collect is an NFT that you can sell for a profit. Illuvials are in-game NFT characters that you catch in the game that you can use to battle with. You can level them up then sell them to other players, and some are rarer than others.

Illuvium looks to be a top GameFi in the future that will attract millions of players and really open the crypto gaming space to more hardcore gamers.

Elfin Kingdom

Elfin Kingdom (ELFIN) is a 2D play-to-earn crypto game built on the Binance Smart chain where you explore lands and capture Elfin NFTs to be used in battles, or you can sell them on the marketplace for other players to buy and use in the game.

Binance Lab is actually one of the project investors which has enabled it to be a free-to-earn game which means you don't have to buy a character to start playing as many other play-to-earn games do. It's easy to play compared to other play-to-earn games that may have a steep learning curve.

Elfin Kingdom has many ways to earn by merging GameFI, yield farming, and NFT elements. There are a set number of Elfins that spawn every Friday, so players compete to catch the most NFTs before they are all gone for that week.

Elfin Kingdom looks to be a great GameFi project that will attract players who want more of an immersive gaming experience while they earn.


Pegaxy (PGX) is a play-to-earn horse racing game where you racehorses called Pega which are descendants of the mythical creature Pegasus. It's set in the future and the artwork and design for the Pega make them really attractive-looking NFTs.

In this horse racing Metaverse, you can buy horses, breed them, race them to earn tokens, and rent them out to other players for a set fee or for a share of the profits. Profit-sharing is automated unlike some other top GameFi projects like Axie Infinity where the renters are trusting that the owner of the NFT will pay them their profits.

There are two main tokens that players can use to play Pegaxy. Pegaxy (PGX) is used to rent or sell horses, and Vigorus (VIS) is the main token for playing the game and betting on horses. For betting and horse racing aficionados, Pegaxy seems to be a very exciting game to look out for.


Since the gaming industry has exceeded $300 billion with 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, it was inevitable for crypto and gaming to merge to create unique financial opportunities for gamers and creators.

Crypto gaming is one of the hottest sectors in the world of crypto today. With top GameFi tokens going 100x or more and heavyweight venture capitalists putting in tons of cash, it's creating a vast global community of players experimenting with yield generating opportunities as well as hardcore gamers looking to make some serious cash.