Meme Twitter Accounts to Follow

Memes have played a crucial role in the crypto market for a long time. They not only add fun to the market, but they also inspire others. One of the best examples to understand the depth of crypto memes is through Dogecoin. Symbolized through a dog's picture,  this coin packs some of the best features of the market. And yet, it has enabled many investors and traders to take full advantage of the crypto market. 

Bearing this in mind, we have introduced a couple of crypto meme Twitter accounts you can follow in 2022. 


Having a follower list of 221.1K, Crypto Meme Talk has become the most regarded Twitter account. If you go through the profile, you will find its logo desired as a worm with a multi-coloured body. Most new updates and news are represented in still or animated pictures. Apart from this, the texts written for different posts are full of sarcasm and humour, preventing people from swallowing the hard pill. 


This Twitter profile has a collage picture of cartoons like Donald duck, money, a police pink dog, etc. From explaining different thoughts through GIFs to arranging a promotional campaign with an impactful meme, this platform is the best. For instance, the account posted a recent picture with the person lying down in the ledger and a sarcastic task. 


With 61.4K followers, the Bitcoin Meme Hub has gained a lot of appreciation from the market. Its profile bio is also based on a meme, stating, "Meme Department- Don't trust, verify". Its profile picture is unique, having the ability to draw the visitor's attention with ease. They released a recent GIF where a dog pays proper attention to the moving cups for his treat. It explains crypto exchange platform trade volumes more than the fiat market. 


With a huge follower past, Gregraj 1 has become a widely featured meme account on Twitter. It is formed especially for traders who want to get the best out of cryptocurrencies. You can also visit the official site for more information about how the creator uses memes to define thoughts and opinions about crypto. 


Jesus with red laser eyes, a dog, an astronaut, and many other figures with the same eyes are present in one frame that forms the wall picture of this Twitter account. The user is the founding member of Meme Factory. Once you visit the profile, you can witness some of the amazing memes you have ever seen. For example, two girls on a destroyed beach explain the situation of negative price movement for Bitcoin.