How To Get Started With Your NFT Marketing

NFT is a non-fungible token. Translated into human language, it means that unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which can be exchanged or redeemed like bills, NFT is a unique digital product.

Let's say you opened an Ethereum wallet and registered your NFT on the marketplace. What's next? How to effectively promote and sell tokens quickly? Here are some tips:

Create a crypto community about NFT

Crypto community and social media channels are effective for boosting a product, attracting a target audience and communicating with potential leads, building expertise and a personal brand ... In general, for those who want to launch their token, this is a must-have.

In a thematic Facebook group or crypto discord servers, you can talk about the pros and cons of NFT. Disassemble the not very well-known, but successful cases of creating and selling NFT, highlight the benefits, etc. So you will attract an interested audience, create a platform for discussion (and a springboard for getting to know you), pump up your expertise, and you will gain relevant information.

The best platforms for building an NFT community are:

  • BitCoinTalk;
  • Facebook;
  • Telegram;
  • Discord;
  • Twitter.

Collaborate with crypto Twitter influencers

Don't neglect NFT Twitter influencer marketing. Try to connect with influencers in this niche, chat with admins in large communities, or simply tag industry leaders on Twitter.

By attracting the attention of a multi-thousand (preferably) influencer audience, you will blow up traffic and quickly find a potential buyer for your token.


Do not forget about giveaways among the NFT crypto community. There is nothing difficult here: like, retweet, hashtags + mention a few friends on Twitter. You can also subscribe to Discord. Of course, you can create more difficult tasks.

Share NFTs in your email newsletters

If you have at least a small subscriber base, launch emails on the topic. Talk about upcoming projects, share cases of selling tokens (your own or someone else's), upload training videos, etc. The main thing is to unobtrusively, but regularly stir up the interest of subscribers to the topic and do not forget about powerful CTAs.

Create accounts on multiple NFT marketplaces

The more often your product appears on NFT marketplaces, the more likely you are to find a suitable buyer. Do not neglect any platform and list your NFT both on specialized platforms for non-fungible tokens and on universal marketplaces.

The most popular marketplaces where you can display your NFT:

  • SuperRare - digital works of art;
  • MythMarket - collectible cards;
  • AtomicMarket - collectible crypto NFT items;
  • Rarible - collectible crypto items;
  • NBA TopShot - digital cards with NBA stars;
  • MakersPlace - computer graphics;
  • Foundation - digital art objects;
  • OpenSea - music, art, domains, sports cards, collectible gifs, and photos;
  • Enjin - various tokens;
  • KnownOrigin - rare and unusual gifs and photos.

Arrange NFT-themed AMA sessions

Regular Ask Me Anything sessions are an effective way to connect with your audience and engage potential buyers. Answer popular questions from your subscribers in pre-recorded or live broadcasts on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, it is not necessary to talk exclusively about NFT - the importance of a personal brand in promoting a product has not been canceled.

Launch PPC campaigns

Social media and search engines are key sources of target audiences, and advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube can bring in thousands of warm ones.

The main thing is to take care of accurate targeting and spin ads for those who are potentially interested in buying NFT at the moment. And secondly, create powerful and engaging creatives to engage the user and maximize the number of clicks. Both steps can be automated using AI-powered tools.

Focus on content marketing

Publishing relevant content on your resources (social networks, blog, mailing to subscribed users) is an unobtrusive way to introduce potential buyers to your NFT.

Create high-quality content that will resonate with your target audience and talk about your product, the NFT topic in general, a specific focus in this area, etc. There are several formats:

  • Educational blog posts;
  • Research articles with links to reliable sources;
  • Interview with reputable experts;
  • Selections of relevant news;
  • Creative infographics;
  • Life hacks for NFT marketing.

Stick to a friendly style and do not try to make yourself an expert with abstruse phrases and talk about difficult things in simple language. The more useful, structured, understandable, and creative content you post, the more users you will be interested in and the more inbound leads you will get.


Targeted advertising is good for quality content. But make sure that interested users can easily find information about your NFT on their own and find the same blog post.

Optimize articles, text on landing pages, news, posts, and other text content (including scripts for YouTube videos) and strive to get to the top of search engines. If you are not good at SEO optimization, contact specialized agencies.

Boost PR

Cooperate with the media and spread information about your token to major media platforms. If there is no specific agreement with the publication, write a press release, tell about your NFT and send it to reporters. Don't expect people to come to you for interviews - knock on all doors yourself and try to push your product more actively on all platforms.

All of the above should have a real positive effect on conversion, otherwise, there is no point in content marketing or PPC advertising. Therefore, regularly check your conversion rates and adjust your marketing strategy to drive growth and increase sales with NFTs.

Increase brand and product trust - publish customer reviews. Think over how to approach the content submission so that it resonates with your target audience (what exactly to write about, on which sites to post, on what days to publish, etc.). Add pop-ups to your site, optimize it for mobile devices, create an interactive landing page for NFT with a thoughtful and engaging design. In general, think over every little thing that will bring you more clicks, leads, and sales.


NFT is not only a unique token but also a unique tool for increasing profits, instant brand promotion, and increasing audience loyalty. With the right marketing strategy, you can quickly promote your digital product and collect the sea of benefits that companies reap during the NFT boom.