Best 7 Coinmarketcap competitors to list your token on

Coinmarketcap is the most popular centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform where you list your crypto tokens with ease. Token listing is important as it allows a company or an organization to put its assets on sale. Once an investor buys the listed token, the assets get sold, and the company earns profit from the same. 

While Coinmarket packs a wide range of features and offers outstanding benefits to companies listing tokens and investors, it has some drawbacks. To overcome these issues, we have presented a complete list of top competitors of Coinmarketcap for token listing.


Coingecko is one of the top-rated platforms for token listing, owing to the wide token variety it harbours. From Bitcoin and Ethereum to the recent players like Ripple, you can find a wide range of tokens in the list. The ranking process depends on several key metrics like liquidity pool, equivalent fiat valuation, coin in circulation, etc. You can also check the future ICOs that will be available at Coingecko. 

Live Coin Watch

The Live Coin Watch features a user-friendly interface, with more than two thousand coins from crypto and fiat. You can find all details for a particular currency in practical and logical methods. As the current data is always present on the website, you can have a quick before your investment. From price movements to trade options, you can know many factors about a token with ease.


Nomics mostly lists the prices of 14000 tokens, some of which are crypto tokens while the rest are fiat currencies. You can easily see the current price movements with the valuation differences. Apart from listing the token values, Nomics also displays the list of different exchanges, their liquidity pools, % of trades, and market volume.

Coin Ranking

Having more than 4000 tokens and hundreds of exchange platforms, CoinRanking has outshined several other platforms in the market. You can filter the list with fiat currencies, market cap or 24-hour price, and even the type of coins available. You can see the price movement direction, current price, and market cap at a glance. 

Digital Coin Price

The Digital Coin Price offers in-depth insights into the crypto market with features like real-time tracking, explained price movements, and liquidity pool status. You can easily know the trade volumes of each coin or at each exchange to initiate a profitable trade. 

Coin Data Flow 

The Coin Data Flow platform is the best choice if you want to get precise and accurate details about different tokens. It displays a 7-day old trade chart with market cap, price movement, 24-hour volume, prediction, and even the trade volume. 

Coin Codex 

If you are looking for a platform to list tokens that align with real-time data, Coin Codex is the best platform. Housing more than 2400 tokens, it displays a wide range of information. You can check the price movements, graphical representation, and market cap. If crypto is new to you, do look at some of its features on this platform. 

Key takeaway 

Now that you know about the top Coinmarketcap competitors for token listing, your task is to choose the best platform. Ensure to go through all details and ensure your chosen platform is safe. Never fall for any security or liquidity claims that sound too good. Once you get a hangover token listing process, the task will become much easier. Also, check out top crypto marketing agencies